Standard Of Quality

Our company is committed to economical, qualitative, social and environmentally relevant requisites.

Our company goals in the advance to optimal quality are:

  • Constant improvement in customer satisfaction
  • Optimising quality
  • Systematically extending our share of the market
  • Attaining competitive advantages
  • Flexibility in workflows
  • Optimal interface with suppliers and subcontractors
  • Enhanced motivation for employees

On this basis we set out the following guiding principles:

Our customers are offered a standard of quality that ideally respects the demands for customer orientation, the demands from the customer for the product and the connected services. We define and monitor individual processes. Through clear interpretation and reciprocal information transparency in chronological workflows, we establish a general perspective, grasp and assessment of cost structures.

We regularly monitor the defined boundaries in interaction with individual workflows and are able to react quickly to any negative deviations.

We model our processes under the premise of optimal customer benefits, we analyse spontaneous critical incidents, create solutions and discuss these with all relevant departments before they are initiated. We include all employees in the process of constant quality improvement. With this, the Management levels take on the function of example setting in order to motivate all employees in the quality improvement process.

We extend the quality objectives that we apply to ourselves onto subcontractors who are connected with us and apply them to their performance. We do not only negotiate prices with our suppliers, but also the quality of their product along with the punctuality of delivery.